My name is Lauren Elizabeth Fernandez and I am a lifestyle blogger from Chicago Illinois. This is my road to discovering how to live a strong creative, fulfilling life—one that is beautiful, exploding with color, and over flowing with self-love.

Elizabeth in bloom is a blog about finding your inner creative + learning to love yourself. I will share information that ranges from current events to infusing art into your everyday life. I will also discuss real girls who are out chasing their dreams, and the different tools we can all use to help us cope with anxiety and depression. I hope that all of this information will help you learn to not only love yourself but your life as well.

I created Elizabeth in Bloom to help girls and women learn how to accept who they are at this very moment while refusing to stop progressing. I want to awaken the inner artist and beautiful world of color that lives within us all. I hope to help embolden girls so that they refuse to chase anything other than their wildest dreams. I have learned to accept that in life we are constantly evolving and once we learn how to be aware of our creativity and love ourselves there is no stopping us.♥


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