The Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard

“You don’t see us and so we are everywhere. And we will rise up red as the dawn”

Victoria Aveyard “The Red Queen

I spent thanksgiving with my mom, and because she is responsible for my love of paper backs, we went shopping. I picked out what is definitely an absurd, but totally necessary amount of books. One of which was the “Red Queen”. I read the book in about four days. I can’t wait for the clock to strike six tonight, so I can finally pick up the next book in the series.

The book is about a girl named Mare, growing up in a dystopian world divided by blood. When Mare finds out she has abilities she becomes caught up between two worlds. The first is made up of the high born silver elite, and their super natural abilities. The second is made up of the lowly reds who have no abilities but consist of her dearest family and friends.

I do not want to give anything away about this beautify written fantasy, because I want you to read it. What I will say is that it gives life to a darker, fiercely strong, extremely clever, and action packed fairytale. If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into…I HIGHLY suggest this series.


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