Thanksgiving Recovery

Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most delicious days of the year. However it can leave us feeling sluggish, tired, and lazy. This is BAD NEWS BEARS!!! Here are five tips to help us all recover from the lovely, but filling Thanksgiving weekend. These tips will have you feeling rejuvenated, peppy, and ready to go!!

  • 1. Water: Down all the H2O you can!! It will help your body to rid itself of all the salt you digested and get you back on track!!
  • 2. Break a Sweat: Whether you like running, weights, or yoga, moving your body and breaking a sweat is exactly what your body needs.
  • 3. Toss the leftovers: I know…it sounds like one of the worst things you can do but you have had 4 days to devour all those delicious meals. It is time to move on, don’t worry you will be okay.

If you still have massive amounts of left overs and don’t want to throw away enormous amounts of food you can rehome the food…see if it is possible to give to those in need…or eat it in a healthier way!! Comment below with specific questions on how.

  • 4. Smoothie Juice or Salad: However you prefer to digest your fruits and veggies make sure you do so!! Fruits and veggies will help you to regain all those essential nutrients, and to help your body detox. It is a win win!!
  • 5. Meal plan and prep: Make a meal plan (with detoxing and health in mind) for the following day’s ahead, go grocery shopping, and prep it!! This way you have healthy meals at your disposal, there is no easier way to get back on track!!

If you have any specific questions please comment below!! I hope you had a FABULOUS AND DELICIOUS THANKSGIVING!!!


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