Twenty four hours or less

Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon

I believe that certain books exist for certain people at certain times. I believe that the right book if read at the right time, can mend a broken heart, heal wounds, and strengthen the weak. I believe that you shouldn’t rush it, when a spine of a book calls to you, you have to wait, for the right time to read it. When the right person reads the right book at the right time, it is the closest thing to magic that we will ever experience.

I had seen this book a few times during my regular trips to the nearest book store. I had skimmed the inside cover, and considered it but it never made the cut. However that all changed last Saturday. I was at my local book store, and I couldn’t decide, I was in a tug a war of must reads. I made my decision and headed home.

Sunday morning I sat on my semi dirty blue couch and read my book. It was the coming of age story for a girl named Madeline and how a boy named Olly helped her to find herself. It was charming, witty, sorrow filled, and uplifting, I read it in less than 24 hours. I don’t want to exhaust the plot of the story. I just want you to read it for yourself. I want you to Pick up the book, Find yourself a quiet afternoon, and read it.


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