JAX: King Maltipoo

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog

PSA: I know that purchasing a dog from a breeder is a very controversial topic. Adopt don’t shop. I do support this and plan to adopt as soon as I can!! However I purchased my dog because I live with a roommate who is extremely allergic and I had to be extremely careful and know exactly what kind of dog I was getting in order to keep my roommate safe.

There are only a few people that I would consider writing about. However, there is one “person” that you must know about!! My dog Jax!! He is without a doubt, my best friend, and who I spend all of my time with!! He is my little shadow, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Almost a year ago, my fiancé noel started working a nine to five position. During this time I struggled with not only losing time with him, but adjusting to being alone. There was only one clear solution in my mind to this problem, a dog. Now, I didn’t just go out and get a dog. I did my research and put a lot of effort into finding the right dog for me. I knew I wanted a boy, and that he needed to be hypoallergenic, since our roommate is seriously allergenic. I didn’t want to force my roommate to suffer through allergies, or risk him becoming seriously ill. Lastly, I needed him to be small since I live in an apartment. Also, I wanted him to be low maintenance, smart and incredibly loving.

I decided to go with a Maltipoo, a mix of Maltese and Poodle. I chose a maltipoo because they checked all my boxes. They are small, smart, loving, hypoallergenic, and low maintenance. I found a breeder near me who had Maltipoos, and who was extremely reputable. I remember calling her and putting down my deposit for Jax, I was ridiculously nervous!!! We picked Jax up mid-march, and my life has never been the same!! We have had Jax for almost a year now, and he has become one of the most important “people” in my life!!


He deserves to be written about because he is such an important character in my life

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