Life after Halloween

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed
At how much more life she had time for.

Halloween is over, and now we are all left to deal with the emotional baggage, and process of moving on. The good news is that fall isn’t over! Believe it or not, we still have most of November and Thanksgiving before Christmas and winter arrive. No matter what the holiday section at target says, there is still time for fall activities!! So, if you are looking for a few things you can do to maintain a fall sprit, then look no further!! Here is a list of sixteen fall activities that you can do leading up to Thanksgiving.

♥♥♥ FYI: most of these involve eating ♥♥♥

1.Make and eat apple pie!!
2. Consume Carmel apples with vanilla ice cream
3. Eat s’mores!!
4. Go for a nature walk and take all the fall selfies
5. Make a cozy no sew blanket!!
6. Decorate Scarecrow cookies!
7. Eat anything pumpkin (pie, cookies, cake)
8. Bake Rice Krispy treats while eating candy corn!!
9. Read outside with your no sew blanket
10. Make a “Thankful” list
11. Drink hot apple cider!!!
12. Go to a football game… or watch it from home
13. Watch a fall movie!!
14. Get crafty with leaves (make a wreath)
15. Eat hearty warm soup or chili!!
16. Wear a cozy sweater and socks, do a face mask and enjoy the last few days of fall!!!!!!!!


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