Health and Wellness

My Journey

My health is important to me, however so are my nights spent eating junk food and watching fast and the furious. And yes, while Freshii does have a green smoothie that I genuinely enjoy consuming, I am not the yoga, and green smoothie L.A. kind. I am the “it’s to fracking cold outside let’s get some pizza” Chicago kind. That is totally okay with me, I can accept that, actually I like being that girl. What I don’t like is my current relationship with health.

Now I have a very typical story. I was tiny growing up, I am barley 5’3 and I’m 25 years old. I went to college and entered into a comfortable long term relationship with late night pizza and gas station donuts…don’t judge those donuts are the shit. Now I am by no means massive, but I have exceeded a healthy weight for someone of my age, and my height. So I am going to change it.

P.S.A: Wanting to improve my current health does not mean I don’t love myself or that I am unhappy. It means I love myself enough to try harder and be better.

 Let’s, start with my goals. I only want to discuss my short term goals right now, keeping it simple.

My goals are: eat intuitively, workout 4x a week + run ½ a mile 2x a week

·         Hopefully this will help me lose around 20 pounds within the next 8 weeks or before January 1st

·         I will be taking photos and weighing myself daily to track the weight loss.

Eating intuitively: I decided to meal prep healthy in order to help me hit my goals. I decided to do this because it isn’t restrictive and I can do it long term.

Working out 4x a week: I enjoy working out and understand that it is an essential part to creating a healthy lifestyle. Working out 4x a week and going for 2 half mile runs is very manageable for me

Disclaimer: The goal is not to just lose 20 pounds fast or anything like that! I need to lose in total 60 pounds so around 20lbs would be a great start for me. Also, when you track a goal you can see how your body responds. I can learn how realistic I am, and change my goals accordingly. In order to lose 20 pounds I would have to lose 2.5 pounds a week for 8 weeks. That should be doable, but hey we will see.

Those are my goals and I will let you know how I do. This is my journey with health and wellness, let’s see how it goes.  


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