Art & Creativity

Shifting Our Perspective &
Acknowledging Our Inner Artist

“Every child is an artist the hard part is how to remain an artist when he or she grows up”
Pablo Picasso

P.S.A: I am not discrediting those who find purpose in the fine arts…whom dedicate their time to it, and who define themselves by it. I am not trying to take anything away from those who are skilled and technically talented. Matter of fact, I consider myself a member of this particular sect of society. What I am trying to do is allow others to find their inner artist regardless of their want to pick up a pencil and draw or paintbrush and paint. I want us all to acknowledge and embrace our inner artist so that we may live a more true, authentic, and fulfilling life.

You are an artist whether you like it or not…whether you believe it or not. You are an artist, but if you need proof I’ll give it to you. The definition of an artist will say something like, “An individual who practices the imaginative arts or is skilled in any of the fine arts.” The definition of art will say, “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” Now this is all total bullshit. These definitions, in my opinion, completely disrespect and negate what art is at its core. Art is not a skill to be learned and then later judged based on technicalities. Let’s take drawing for example, there is not one thing I couldn’t come to your house and teach you how to draw. I could teach you to mix color. I could teach you to draw or paint.Eventually your technical skill would grow, and you could have your first art show. You could watch others judge, and regardless of those judgments, call you an artist.

That is not art. Art is not a skill to be learned or a talent, it is far more than that. Art is emotion. It does not sit still in classrooms, it is felt in the explosions of moments. In the complete emptiness of our saddest experiences, and in our most beautiful, joyous, celebrations. Art is the definition of the human existence.

Art exists because emotions exist. What makes us human? EMOTION, our ability to express and evoke emotion!!! That is all that matters when it comes to being an artist and creating art. Now have you ever felt anything? Have you ever been depressed, excited, melancholy, or pissed? I thought so, me too. Have you ever made anyone else feel something? Ever made someone else happy, sad, or frustrated? I thought so. You know what it is to feel and express emotion as well as evoke emotion! YOU ARE AN ARTIST. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

Now if you will just be butter and roll with me for a moment I am going to try my best to talk you into allowing your inner artist out so that it can help you live a more authentic, and fulfilling life. But the first step is to accept her or him. So that’s what I want you to do… I want you to accept right now that you are an artist. Say it out loud to yourself, and watch your perspectives shift and your creativity flourish. Okay, that’s it, I am done for today. graffiti


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