Self love


What it is and why it matters

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are”
Elizabeth Gilbert

We all expect ourselves to love and to be loved. We expect our parents, siblings, good friends, and significant others to have and express love for us. Though this doesn’t always happen, the expectation of that love comes easily, and automatically. However, an instantaneous expectation for love doesn’t happen with ourselves. We don’t feel that it is necessary to put effort into our relationship with ourselves!!!

That’s why I am here! I am literally screaming, shouting, waving, and flailing around saying it’s time! It is time to start your relationship with yourself! It is time to become aware and responsible for the life you are living, and to start working on the most important relationship you will ever have, the one with yourself.

The first step is to understand what exactly a loving relationship with oneself is. So let’s figure it out! The definition of self-love is: “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).” The definition for relationship is: “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” In other words having a loving relationship with oneself is to have a connection with oneself where the main focus is your own wellbeing and happiness. ⇐ That’s the goal!!!

Now, let’s move on to why that it is important. When an individual is in a loving relationship with themselves they reap rewards in every aspect of their life whether that’s, career, relationships, and in their free time. This is because people who have taken the time to learn about themselves and then love themselves have a better understanding of who they are. They are in touch with their passions, interest, what brings them joy and what doesn’t. This sense of awareness enables them to remove events and people that don’t bring them joy and replace them with those that do. A sense of knowing and awareness about oneself helps us to develop a purpose and the confidence in ourselves to make that purpose a reality. We become empowered individuals!


P.S.A: Self-love DOES NOT mean that you will hit a happy button and be happy for the rest of your life. Or that you will become a magical Disney prince or princess and start talking to forest animals and having tiny birds sing and make your bed in the morning. You will still have moments of sadness, anger, frustration, and experience failure. However, you will understand that those moments are sporadic not constant. You will be able to rest and get back to making shit happen for yourself a whole lot faster and easier.



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