The 15 Minute Halloween Costume


“Clothes make a statement…Costumes tell a story.”
Mason Cooley
PSA: Now, what I am going to offer you is not the most original costume, however it is fun, beautiful, and super easy, so it works, when you only have 15 minutes and need a costume!!!
The past few years, my best friend Nicole and I have lived our best lives on Halloween. Seriously, the most incredible memories have been made…I suffered the headaches to prove it! We have spent those nights masked as SUGAR SKULLS…pun intended… and have loved every second of it. In case you didn’t catch it that’s the costume!! We will be talking about, SUGAR SKULLS!!! I am going to list the steps you need to follow in order to get the look. Follow these steps, and you will be a beautiful SUGAR SKULL in 15 minutes or less!!!

  1. wash and prep your face for makeup
  2. Throw your hair up into a secure high and messy bun
  3. stick some flowers in your hair (optional) (you can grab fake flowers at any crafts store for pretty cheap-you can always grab them on the way to your party or event!)
  4. Do your base make up (foundation bronzer eyebrows….)
  5. Draw a half flower on your chin with eye liner (black or white or whatever colors you have work…optional: shade them in with cream eyeshadow)
  6. Draw lines on your lips all skull like or just wear dark lipstick (use pics as a reference)
  7. Draw a upside down tooth on your nose (use pics as a reference)
  8. Draw circles around your eyes and color in with whatever you have…we used cream eyeshadow
  9. Then finish off with a design in the middle of your forehead ( flower, moon, or cross)
  10. Throw on some cute clothes….and head out the door!!!!!!

Now have fun, be safe, and have a Happy Halloween!!! BAHAHHHAHA!!!


halloween 2

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