Who you…the reader…are to me

She is someone who acknowledges her inner creative and uses it to help her create a life full of passion and fulfillment. She is aware of the art that surrounds her in her everyday life and uses it as fuel to conquer her dreams. She has learned to love herself completely and to place herself at the very center of her life. She is free to create an original life, one that is completely and totally hers.
She starts with learning to accept and acknowledge the artist within her and then moves on to cultivating and developing her. She loves to read books, to capture herself in the stories of others and to learn from them. She takes time to learn about herself and to love herself. She embraces her passions, while making time for others, learning about what’s happening in the world and taking the actions necessary to make a difference. She is motivated by other young woman who are out chasing their dreams and wants only to help them do so.
She welcomes the uncomfortable. She knows that change and growth are synonymous. She doesn’t shy away from others’ judgment. She welcomes constructive criticism and though life is hard and tough, she is tougher. She always pushes through and remains steadfast on the path to her dreams.

“I don’t like to say I have given art my life I prefer to say art has given me life”
Frank Stella American artist


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