Why “Elizabeth In Bloom?”


Well the long story is: My middle name is Elizabeth and since my first name is Lauren which is also the name of almost every other girl born in 1992, I went with the good old middle name….now “in bloom” obviously that’s a metaphor…I am comparing us to a flower preferably a really pretty one that smells nice, but you can pick whatever flower you please anyways…my soon to be last name is Flores which is Spanish for flowers and since I believe I will quite literally be a flower that is constantly growing I thought the name was perfect…also Noel (my fiancé) suggested the name one night while lying on the sofa. And I was like… cool…but just “In Bloom” was taken so I added my middle name, clever I know…

Now let’s move on from the literal and get in to the more emotional side of why this name works… every living thing on earth is in a constant state of change, and I think that sometimes we view that as a bad thing, like there is an end point to life…or some sort of finish line (I am not talking about death) I am talking about a place that will mean, “Hey, you lived life right you are officially fulfilled congratulations!!”….The thing is that place doesn’t exist and that’s totally okay…can you still be totally happy? Yes! Can you still be fulfilled? Yes!! Will it be hard…Yes, but that’s life. It’s hard and sometimes it totally sucks….but if you allow yourself to accept that life is constantly evolving and its okay for you to constantly evolve with it…you will come out a much happier and fuller person… anyways, Elizabeth in bloom because I am Lauren Elizabeth and I’m okay with constantly being in bloom…. And I hope that I can help you be okay with it too.



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